What is ‘coaching’ and how is it different from counseling?

Counseling is geared more toward individuals struggling with more significant mental health issues such as major depression, chronic anxiety, schizophrenia, addiction, and personality disorders just to name a few. Coaching is for high functioning, basically happy people who lead active lives and want to be even more successful.

What is ‘coaching’ and how is it different from counseling?

Let’s say you’re struggling with issues at work or you want to switch careers. Maybe you have a relationship that you want to improve or perhaps you’re struggling with a recent situation that you just want to move past. A couple of coaching sessions can help you move faster through these roadblocks to happiness. Coaching helps you transform your life from ‘good’ to ‘great at a faster pace.

Resilience Coaching provides individual, couples and family coaching to help raise Emotional Intelligence (EQ) both individually and as a family. When individuals raise their EQ, they become more positive, motivated, productive, and ultimately successful. When families raise their EQ, relationships improve, communication becomes clearer, and the entire family feels a sense of deeper connection with one another. Families with high EQ have greater staying power as well as helping each other with individual growth and success.

Who needs coaching?

Everyone can benefit from coaching! You don’t need to have a mental health diagnosis to reap the rewards of personal coaching for greater personal success.

Resilience Coaching is completely confidential and as a licensed professional counselor, you benefit both from my training and professional experience in the mental health field as well as my corporate work experience. You receive coaching in a results-oriented format using a variety of approaches tailored to meet your specific needs.

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