Corporate Training

“You need IQ to get through school,but EQ to get through LIFE.”

With a unique combination of corporate and mental health experience, Wanda McCallum delivers sought-after training sessions that invoke lasting positive change. Her dynamic and interactive seminars help participants understand and master the latest trends in team building, innovation, leadership, communication, conflict management and self-motivation in the workplace.

What sets Ms. McCallum’s seminars apart are highly relevant strategies and techniques that boost success during one of the most challenging times in global history. To do so, she shares her secrets to building innovation and optimizing EQ which, in turn, drives employees to improve productivity through enhanced focus, greater confidence, improved motivation and more effective team work.

An expert in psychotherapy and counseling, Wanda helps participants understand themselves and their customers, while exploring the reasons why traditional growth strategies might not work during the downturn – and beyond. Ms. McCallum shares her unique strategy for overcoming debilitating patterns of behavior in troubled corporate cultures such as resistance to change, low morale, hindered decision-making, and inter-departmental conflicts.


As part of Wanda’s programs, audiences receive high-impact communication tools through hands-on, real-world, interactive exercises that can be applied immediately following the workshop. She consistently earns high evaluation ratings for her customized workshops designed to meet the needs of each organization.


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